September 12, 2014


Kerala Association launched in Derry

A group of people from the Southern state of Kerala, India, have been a part of Derry life for quite a while, with around 100 families living in the city area.
The need for a common platform as a community group has been long since felt, and with this in mind, Kerala Association Londonderry was formed.
The formal inauguration of this community group was held last Saturday at the REC Club Hall in Campsie.
Keralites, otherwise known as Malayalees, celebrated the Onam festival (harvest festival) at the REC Club venue, Invista Campus, Derry.
Mr. KT Thomas and Mr. Hari Avinash jointly inaugurated the Onam Celebrations by lighting the traditional lamp. Mr. Thomas then delivered the Onam message.
The morning was a cultural extravaganza followed by an action packed afternoon of sporting events. The main highlight of the day was the Onasadya (traditional feast) which brought the sweet memories of the homeland and everyone enjoyed the traditional Onasadya served on plantain leaves. After the scrumptious Onasadya, people settled down for the sporting events. Excitement was sky-high in men’s tug-of-war, where four teams intensely contested for the championship. Women’s tug-of-war also had a thrilling finish.
This occasion was used for the formal launch of the newly-formed Kerala Association. Inauguration of the Kerala Association was performed by President Hari Avinash by switching on the emblem of the association. Mayooram, the quarterly newsletter of Kerala Association, was also released on the same day with the pictures of the cultural events of the day. The 11 member board of the Kerala Association elected by the Malayalee residents is chaired by the President Mr. Hari Avinash, deputy-chaired by Vice-President Mr. Martin Varghese and Secretary, Mr. Binoy Mathew, supported by designated board members.
The Secretary, Mr. Binoy Mathew, thanked everyone who made this year’s Onam celebrations a great success.
A wonderful day’s events came to an end with the distribution of prizes and the national anthem.
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