The Lights of Culture 2018

The Lights of Culture 2017-18/ We thank everyone who helped and contributed to make this

Multicultural Night a fabulous success!👪 👏 🙌 🙏 💕 🧣 🧤 🦃 …….

X-Mas/ New Year Multicultural Event.
#Ghoomar Ghoomar /Rajasthani folk-dance by Dancing ❤️ Queens

Sanjay Bhansali says, “We wanted the ‘Ghoomar’ to retain its purity since this was being performed by Rani Padmavati. Every step and every move in the dance form celebrates the royal grace of royalty. This is our dance tribute to the brave Rajput women of Rajasthan.”

#Dr. Zumao Weng/ The Lights of Culture 2017-18
#Special Thanks.

The Lights of Culture 2017-18.

#Dancing Queens / The Lights of Culture

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#Special thanks

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