An Mór summer/ The Great Summer


An mor summer 2017

Name of Group:               kerala Association

 Project Title:  An Mór summer/ The Great Summer 

Project Description:      Talent Time/sports day/Summer Events / /summer trips / summer camps /summer workshops with a cultural stage programe for Vishu/ easter .

Easter & Vishu Cultural Diversity Celebration

This funding is applied to help Kerala Association to organise their traditional festivals for new generation. On this day various activities are laid out to celebrate the joy and enthusiasm which is historically celebrated always in our Motherland state Kerala.

The event will be a one day stage programme activity on a Saturday in april/may 2017.  The event is usually attended by the Mayor and is open to the public.  The primary audience however usually comes from within the local Indian Community.  A photographer will be booked and a press release issued to ensure that the wider community becomes more aware of the diversity on their doorstep and the traditions of the locally resident Indian Community.  The event will be organised by the committee of the Kerala Association and will be advertised to our contacts list as well as in the Community e-bulletins issued by Derry City Council to invite a wider audience.


Children summer club activities/talent time/ summer tours

This year our board has planned to initiate club activities for children aged below 16 yr involving various activities along with other children from different community. The main idea will be to teach and learn the diversified culture spread throughout the city and to involve children to do activity which can promote unity and integrity amongst the community. Children will go through several theoretical and practical session spread over a period of time.

Summer Games / Sports Activities

Summertime fun comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether at home or at the beach, try these games and activities to make a summer days special.Register your interest in Youth sports clubs, Youth tours, Football, Badminton, Rounders, cricket ,Weekly Cycling  etc .

Kerala Association is looking for players & Team captains to Organise , plan & train team members in this summer !

pls text or submit  your names in facebook Page for An mor summer. Pls submit your names before March 5th sunday.






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