Golden Year 2015/16

Golden year for Kerala Association( 2015/16 )

Looking back on the last 12 months….
A big thank you and good luck

To All the  Board of Members 2015/16

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3 February 2016

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry 

25 March at 19:02 ·

Kerala Association charity food stall collections during Talent time 2016 was handed over for the Syrian refugees arriving in the city shortly. The amount of £400 was handed over to the North West Migrants group towards buying essentials for the families arriving from Syria. THANK YOU to all members who have contributed. God bless your generosity


Vishu Easter AGM | Kerala Association Derry / Londonderry


Talent Day 2016 | Kerala Association Derry / Londonderry


Bijini Jp Great well done


Vishu Easter AGM | Kerala Association Derry / Londonderry


Talent Day 2016 | Kerala Association Derry / Londonderry



25 February ·

Fitting finale to the youth connect project at waterside youth club. The camaraderie with Danielle Collins the youth worker was remarkable.
When one project completes another one starts… Youth clubs continues in a new project at Top of the HillPicture6

Performing at Malvern House yesterday… Great evening of fun. Thank you to all the parcipants and parents for making this happen


# A Indian Cultural Showcase @ Malvern Palace

— with Shiny Soorath and 4 others.


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

15 January ·

Kerala Association’s Well Being Initiative
8 weeks Yoga Classes begining 16th January
Every Saturday at from 8.30 am to 9.30 at Illico Studios

Hope to see you all there!!



Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 27 new photos  celebrating New Year’s Day with Mark Durkan and Mark Durkan at Lisneal College.

5 January · Derry, Ireland ·

More moments from Kerala Association’s Christmas New Year Multicultural Extravaganza 2015-2016



# Jiya Re /As Long as There is Life By Nithy Sajen

What a great evening! Thank you so much for ….. Multi cultural New Event for X’Mas & New Year’16. 2nd Janu ‘ 2016 @ Lisneal college. More details pls contact…




Just make a cup of Coffee & Relax. Enjoy Movie of Extravaganza .
(Part 1 & 2). Youtube Link URLs as comment …. ! Thanks

Ambili Karunakaran
 with Sheethal O’Live and 6 others.

4 January ·

Mother Heart is The Best Beautiful Paradise on The Earth


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

5 January ·

At Lisneal College.


Srikripa Santhosh

3 January ·

What an amazing team with Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry at the new year multicultural extravaganza with Nithy Sajen Annie Joshy Sheeba Joy Shiny Soorath Lincy Riju Ambili Karunakaran Bindu Reji Shyja Sibin


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 46 new photos to the album Santa’s Visit for all Kerala Association Members.

24 December 2015 ·



Christmas is a tonic for our souls. I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.


Sumeeta Gupta
 with Shiny Soorath and 19 others.

14 December 2015 ·



Please pray for the people affected by the floods in Chennai.


Jossy Aji‎ to Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

26 October 2015 ·

Please accept this card as a big thank you all of you. Your help and support is appreciated so much more than words can say. Sincere thanks for your extra effort. And sincere gratitude for all you have done to make our event more successful. From Jossy and Indian committee (ICDL)



Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
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3 October 2015 ·

Great start to Malayalam and Chess classes at Eighty81 building Ebrington square


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

28 September 2015 ·

Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay, Hansika, Sruthihassan & Sridevi starring PULI-Tamil movie with English subtitles will be screened in Century Cinemas, Letterkenny on 3rd October 2015, Saturday at 12 PM. Tickets are available from Cinemas. – SWAMY MOVIES LT

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

1 October 2015 ·



Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

16 September 2015 ·

Dear members … When our Kerala Association was formed in 2008 one of our members Radhika Krishnan designed our elegant logo. There has been no looking back a…

See more

Dear members … When our Kerala Association was formed in 2008 one of our members Radhika Krishnan designed our elegant logo. There has been no looking back after our logo was unveiled. Radhika is now living in London but she has left an indelible mark in the history of Kerala Association Derry. Hats off to your work Radhika!!!


 Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

13 September 2015 ·

The beautiful Floral Designs are named as pookalam and it preserves the traditional values of Kerala.

 new photos to the album Beautiful memories … ! — with Josy Augustine and 2 others.

15 September 2015 ·

Beautiful memories … !
Onam Ponnonam ’15


Pookkalam Varavayi # Rone Abraham & Friends

Pookalam (floral carpet) or floral designs are an integral colourful part of the great festival Onam. This festival is celebrated in Kerala with much splendo…





Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
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Onam Ponnonam 2015 — with Jainy Ann Joemon and 4 others at The Rec Club.

13 September 2015 ·

Some clicks from the celebrations


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 with Karma Kalakendram-Uk at The Rec Club.

13 September 2015Picture33

Kann AN‎ to Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

12 September 2015 ·

Our legend of king Mahabali… !

— with Ranjeevan Mv and 3 others.




Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

9 September 2015 ·


Promising start of Indian classical dance classes at Illico Studios by Karma Kalakendram-Uk — withSarika Shah.




Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

31 August 2015 ·

Good luck to all kids going back to another school year. Here is wishing you all success in this academic year!!


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 21 new photos.

28 August 2015 ·

Foyle Kumons Mathathon organized for the Kerala Association… Thank youSumeeta Gupta the kids and the parents enjoyed the event equally …




Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

27 August 2015 ·

Children from Kerala Association interacting with the Mayor of Derry. What an inspiration our Mayor is. Our children had a lovely timePicture46


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

6 September 2015 ·

Belfast Achayans



Picture45 Picture46

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 shared Indian Community Derry Londonderry‘s post.

26 August 2015 ·

Indian Community Derry Londonderry

24 August 2015 ·

Tickets are out on sale now at for the Diwali 2015 event celebrated at MilleniumForum@Derry~Londonderry on 25 Oct 2…

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

25 August 2015 ·

Good read

Picture50 Picture51



Diwali 2015

Sun 15:30 · Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Jyoti Suri Chugh invited you

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

18 August 2015 ·

This promises to be one of the most sought after Cricket Tournament in Derry, Sept 6th, 4 teams, 3 matches, 1 Winner … come and be part of the




Kerala Association’s Cricket Tournament

Sun 10:00 · Brigade Cricket Club

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry invited you

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 updated his cover photo.

18 August 2015 ·


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10Soori Rahul, Jayamol Joseph and 8 other


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

15 August 2015 ·


Great days fun at the Independence Day celebration

Picture54 Picture55


9Ranjeevan Mv, John Varghese and 7 others


Mark Durkan It was a pleasure to be there. Thanks for the invite and keep up the good work!

Like · Reply · 1 · 16 August 2015 at 09:47

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry You have been a great motivation and supportMark Durkan thank you

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14 August 2015 ·

Proud of our budding cricketers

Shades of summer is finally here in Derry and the boys of Kerala Association have their cricket kit out. Lining up for practice.

Come along to support our budding cricketers in a friendly match at Glendermott Cricket Club Derry

Tomorrow at 5pm

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

13 August 2015 ·


Boys and girls from Kerala Association finishing up at the youth club tonight for summer. Great youth workers at the waterside youth club. This is only the beginning… Be back in September!!!!!!


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 shared Mayor of Derry City & Strabane District‘s photo.

11 August 2015 ·

Boys and girls of Kerala Association how many of you are ready for this?

Picture58 Picture59 Picture60

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

9 August 2015 ·

Dear members Kerala Association is celebrating Indian Independence day on Aug 15th from 2-5pm at Foyle Arena. We have organised bouncy castles, family fun games and friendly football match for the boys/adults. Small refreshments are also organised. Minister Mark Durkan . Please come along with your family and make this event successful.


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

1 August 2015 ·


Fabulous day out — at Tayto Park Co Meath.


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

7 August 2015 ·

Dear members Kerala association is organizing Cricket coaching for boys aged 8-16 yrs @ Glendermott cricket ground from 5pm on Aug 12-14. Fees £3. Former West Indian county player will be coaching and conducting a friendly match against Glendermott cricket club on Aug 14. If interested please respond asap.

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

29 July 2015 ·

A fantastic opportunity for our kids to make a difference.


Background picture courtesy – work by one of young talented members smile emoticonBoys and girls – send me your creative work to be posted to the world … Dream big!!

Picture64 Picture65 Picture66

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

14 July 2015 ·

Kerala Association is proud to introduce Donegal’s renowned cartoonist Jarla to Derry/Londonderry. On 25th July at Foyle Arena at 11 am. Come join us for some cartoon drawing lessons. If you are interested, please contact the number provided as soon as possible. Limited places only.

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 23 new photos.


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

11 July 2015 ·

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry climbing fun at the Foyle Arena climbing walls. What an enthusiastic bunch of climbers!


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 shared Mayor of Derry City & Strabane District‘s photo.

8 July 2015 ·

Thank you to all members of Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry for contributing to this noble cause. Lovely to meet our Madam Mayor of Derry city & Strabane district. Madam we are inspired by your enthusiasm. Thanks to Jeff Gallagher from the Red cross.


Mayor of Derry City & Strabane DistrictLike Page

8 July 2015 ·

Delighted to hand over a cheque on behalf of the Kerala Association to the Red Cross, to assist in their efforts to help people affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal. Well done to all involved in raising the much needed funds.

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

5 July 2015 ·

Summer club at waterside youth club starts this week. The club operates on Tuesday and Thursday.
Children aged 7-11 from 6-7.20pm
Children aged 12-18 from 7.30-9pm

The fun never stops at the youth club!!!


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 25 new photos.

22 June 2015 ·

Kerala Association Sports day 2015 action.
There was drama excitement rain sunshine but the sports man spirit of all those who came along proved that nothing can stop our love for sports. Hats off to everyone who participated. We salute you!!! Some moments captured during the event


Baiju Narayanan

Like · Reply · 1 · 22 June 2015 at 22:08

Sindhu Tyse Well done

Like · Reply · 1 · 22 June 2015 at 22:24

Dilip Salam Great job guys. Well done. One more feather on hat. Congrats. Keep it up

Like · Reply · 1 · 23 June 2015 at 01:32

Jisha Basil superb.great day…well done girls

Like · Reply · 1 · 23 June 2015 at 09:43

Shiny Joseph Well done great day

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Write a comment…


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry shared Giby Abraham‘s photo.

16 June 2015 ·

All the best Giby Abraham

Picture74 Picture75

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 2 new photos.

13 June 2015 ·

Another evening for our walking club. The energy of the kids who joined us today was beyond anyone in the group. Group activity os such great motivation…


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 shared John Varghese‘s photo.

10 June 2015 ·

An amazing act of kindness God bless!


John Varghese

10 June 2015 ·


Fundraising for Children’s Heart care Foyle hospice
By Indian Community (Kerala)


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
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29 May 2015 ·

Humble but promising start to our walking club. With the rains staying away to give a refreshing walk along the Foyle. With Soori Rahul Sheeba Joy andAmbili Karunakaran


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 shared his photo.

17 May 2015 ·

Our children having a fun filled evening at the Waterside Youth Club … The club operates every Friday from 6.45 to 9pm. Activities include team games, pool, football, Arts and crafts, Drama, Outdoor Education – Developmental Group Work – Personal and Social Developement.

Picture81 Picture91 Picture92

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 2 new photos — withSukumaran Vazhangattil Sukuthan and Shijo Peyoose.

20 April 2015 ·

last ka board members and new board members

Picture93 Picture94 Picture95

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 shared Santosha Yoga Studio (John Bell Yoga)‘s photo.

20 April 2015 ·

next yoga on this Saturday at 7 am / come and join the club


Santosha Yoga Studio (John Bell Yoga) at Santosha Yoga Studio.Like Page

11 April 2015 · Londonderry ·

Kerala Community at the studio this morning at 7am practising yoga with a Tamnaherin man, priceless!


Kann AN‎ to Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry

11 April 2015 ·

Welcome, New Board Members!
It’s a pleasure to welcome …..
Our new Board of members 2015/16 to the kerala association Derry/ Londonderry
more details….

Picture101 Picture102

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 shared Austin Augustin‘s photo.

Picture103 Picture104

Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
 added 186 new photos to the album multicultural 2014/15 p1 — at Waterside Theatre

7 January 2015 ·

la le Relati


Keralaasso Derry-Londonderry
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5 January 2015 ·

Kerala Association’s Multicultural shows La Le Realtai coverage in DERRY NEWS MONDAY 5 Jan 2015

Picture106 Picture138png Picture163png

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